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Golf Terminology Explained

January 16th, 2014

Those starting with golf or spectating are likely to come across a few phrases that simply don’t make much sense to you, and you can feel like a bit of idiot for not understanding the phrases that everyone else is tossing around as though it were the most basic of English. To help boost your confidence and give you a little more understanding as to what’s going on around you we have a selection of the most commonly heard phrases and what they mean.

Ace; an ace is another phrase for a hole in one. This means that you go straight from the tee and into the whole in one shot.

Attend the Flag; if someone asks you to attend the flag what they mean is that they want you to remove the flag from the hole and hold it for them while they are putting.

Away; the away ball is the ball furthest from the hole, this is always the first hit.

Back Nine; the back nine is the name given to the final nine holes played in an eighteen hole round, this comes from the days when the course would only ever have nine holes and you played them backwards to make it an eighteen hole round.

Ball Marker; take a coin or something similar onto the green with you. You place a ball marker like a coin behind your ball when both players are putting on the green, then pick up your ball so it is out of the way while the second player is putting.

Birdie; this is when you make the hole one stroke under par.

Bogey; this is when you make the hole one stroke over par.

Bunker; a bunker is a pit with sand in on the course, sometimes known as the sand or the sand trap.

Casual Water; it is worth knowing about casual water – this is not an obstacle of the course but a temporary body of water such as a puddle from which you can remove your ball without penalty, just place your ball behind the water.

Dance floor; this is a common phrase among golfers and simply indicates the green.

Deuce; It’s not quite a hole in one, but the hole in two, otherwise known as a deuce, can be considered quite an accomplishment.

Dogleg; a hole that doglegs to the left or right goes straight for a while then turns sharply either to the left or right.

Eagle; a hole played two strokes under par, for example; if par is four and you make the hole in two strokes that’s an Eagle, it’s also a deuce.

Even; scoring par is sometimes called scoring even or making even.

Fairway; the area of short grass between the tee and the green.

Foursome; this is when there are four players in a group on the course.

Front Nine; the first nine holes that are played.

Gimme; a putt that is certain to be made, the opponent will usually concede the shot.

Green; the area of short grass around the hole for putting.

Out of Bounds; this occurs when a shot is hit outside of the boundary markers, you will have to take a stroke penalty and hit your ball again.

Par; par is the number of strokes it should take to complete a hole.

Play off; this is a way of determining a winner when the game is tied and simply means playing an extra hole or even multiple extra holes. This is also sometimes called sudden death.

Triple Bogey; making the hole in three strokes above par is called a triple bogey.

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