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Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Fairway Woods

Date posted: August 5th, 2014

Nike have been producing fairway woods for years now and it’s safe to say they do it remarkably well.

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Know the Equipment

Date posted: August 4th, 2014

Know the ins and outs of your golfing equipment!

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Ultimate Golfing Tips

Date posted: March 28th, 2014

Precision, power, swing or all 3? We have the best tips for you to improve you game to bring that all important handicap down.

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Golf Terminology Explained

Date posted: January 16th, 2014

Those starting with golf or spectating are likely to come across a few phrases that simply don’t make much sense to you, and you can feel like a bit of idiot for not understanding the phrases that everyone else is tossing around as though it were the most basic of English. To help boost your Read more…

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How to Choose a Golf Course

Date posted: December 23rd, 2013

Golf is a complex and rewarding game with a rich history full of tradition and culture. It requires a significant investment of time and energy on the part of the player.

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What to Look for in a Golf Instructor

Date posted: December 17th, 2013

If you want to improve your golf game it can be frustrating trying to identify the mistakes you are making. Getting professional help from an instructor can go a long way to lowering your handicap and developing your skills out on the fairway.

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What to Carry in Your Golf Bag

Date posted: December 9th, 2013

There’s a lot more to golf than simply wearing the right clothes and picking up a set of clubs.

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Golf Etiquette

Date posted: October 25th, 2013

It can be difficult when starting anything new to know what the normal practice and rules of a game are. Unlike many sports, golf is played, for the most part, without the supervision of a referee or umpire. The game relies on the integrity of the individual to show consideration for other players and to Read more…

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Golf Clothing

Date posted: October 9th, 2013

Wearing the appropriate clothing on a golf course is essential. If the club deems your outfit unacceptable, you may be refused entry. Dress codes vary in strictness depending on the policies of the golf course that you are playing. A good indicator of whether there is a dress code is the price of the course Read more…

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