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What to think about before you purchase golf clubs

September 16th, 2013

Choosing a new set of golf clubs can be a tough decision, especially when there are so many options and prices ranges to pick from. Here’s our quick guide to help you invest in the right clubs that will improve your performance out on the course.

-          Commitment

Be honest with yourself and decide how often you are likely to be engaging in a round or two on the fairway. If you’re just starting out and aren’t confident golf is the sport for you, it’s not the wisest idea to spend your life savings on top of the range golf clubs and extensive kit. Start off with a low to mid-price set of clubs, or if you’re really unsure, consider hiring equipment from your local golf club. However if you’re regularly out on the course twice a week, quality clubs can make a difference to your game in the long run.

-          Budget

Once you’ve clarified how committed you are to the sport, it is worth having a budget in mind to set aside for your new equipment. The best clubs are not always the most expensive and it can be worth looking out for sales, discount events and clearances to get yourself a great deal on some reduced kit.

-          New vs. Old

Sometimes it can be worth asking around friends or regulars at the club to see if anyone you know if selling their old clubs second-hand. Serious golfers often have a large collection of clubs and often replace their sets before they’re worn out to get the latest designs. You could get yourself some quality clubs for a lower price than you’d pay in the shop.

-          Research

Take some time to ask for recommendations from your golfing friends and others on the course. Golf clubs are used to dealing with equipment and often have the best insight into which brands are better and longer-lasting. Try out as many different types of clubs as you can in various sports shops and outlets. You will be able to see the variations between brands and ranges easily this way, as well as getting a clear idea of what your budget can afford.

-          Composition

Adjustable clubs may be more suitable if you are just starting out, rather than splashing out on the whole set of 14 clubs. Shaft-flex may also be a factor when choosing which clubs are best for you. There are two main options: steel or graphite. Steel clubs are extremely stiff with very little flex and this can aid you in giving more power to your swing. Bear in mind they are heavier than their graphite counterparts, which are more flexible and slightly gentler to use.


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