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Our Ultimate list of the Top 10 Golf Bloggers

March 21st, 2013

‘Where are the best places on the internet to seek out golf commentary, tips and news?’

People often ask us this question.  Aside from the big sports sites we often recommend a few of our favourite blogs- some of which give the big golf publications a run for their money in terms of originality, entertainment value and style. We therefore decided to draw up a definitive list of the very best golf blogs for your reference. After much deliberation we’ve managed to whittle down our thirty favourites to just ten:

Golf ball and club

Image: Wojciech Kulicki

1. My Golf Spy

Who? It is run by…well that’s a secret, hence the name ‘spy’. The mystery is part of what we like about it!
What? Game tips, charting rumours, tournament predictions and breaking news
And? Mygolfspy takes an interest in the golfing community and appeals to our nosy instincts –as well as rumour we get insider tips as well as ‘Top Secret Golf News’ every day. This blog has made the list due to the fun angle it takes and the up-to-the-minute nature of the content

2. Nuzzo Golf Course Design

Who? Nuzzo Course Design headed up by Mike Nuzzo
What? An insight into the processes behind designing and building a golf course
And? An extremely interesting blog focussed on the pros and cons of any given golf course. These expert course designers are searching for the perfect fairway and get closer with every course they create. Study the mechanics and imagination behind golf course design and learn from an expert on a visit to this blog- a pleasure to read!

3. The Golf Girl

Who? Golf Girl is Patricia Hannigan
What? The fun, flirty, fashionable golf blog
And? This blog is genuinely funny- something we need more of in the world of golf blogs! Not just for girls, it offers a refreshing take on the sport and looks at golf news from original angles with plenty of room for fun. An expert in the fine art of not taking things too seriously, Golf Girl manages to find a fresh way to approach even the most serious of topics and isn’t afraid to tackle taboos, either!

4. Golf for Beginners

Who? Stacey Solomon is an outspoken New York golf blogger and social media consultant
What? Golf For Beginners- Because we’re always learning!
And? Having begun her golfing passion in 2000, Stacey offers a first-hand and industry savvy perspective on the world of golf for beginners, improving ones game in all sorts of original ways and enjoyably opinionated commentary on golfing news and developments

5. Golf Stinks

Who? You tell us! We’d like to know
What? Content based around the principle that golf is a game, so you should have fun playing it!
And? Down to earth and refreshingly catering for your average golf hack, Golf Stinks is a community hub as well as a blog where all kinds of golfers can go to discuss the game, focus on the play rather than the politics and take advantage of tips and resources that demonstrate there’s no shame in having room for improvement!

6. Sir Shanks A Lot

Who? A team of golfers- that’s all we know!
What? Reviews, drills guides and interviews
And? A simple, no-nonsense approach to golf blogging where you can find really useful equipment reviews, easy to follow drills and an eclectic approach to improving and understanding your game


Who? Another anonymous team…any guesses?
What? All things golf UK for fans of the game with a generous helping of world news too
And? This is a fantastic blog for fans to follow tournament and competition news, rankings, tours, cups and events. We like the easy to access layout and how information can be found quickly and easily

8. Armchair Golf Blog

Who? Armchair Golf Blog is run by Neil Sagebiel
What? A Casual, down-to- earth approach to golf
And? Armchair Golf Blog does exactly what it says on the tin – it opens a discussion about golf that’ll feel just like you’re sitting at home with a golf buddy watching The Ryder Cup. Neil has even published a book about the sport, so you know you’re in good hands when you’re reading this blog.

9. Better Golf With Fitness

Who? Run by certified Golf Fitness Instructor Anthony Renna
What? Health and fitness in the game
And? If you’re interested in how golf can benefit you in terms of health and fitness, then this may be the blog for you., this blog offers unique tips and tricks on how to make golf even better for your lifestyle.

10. The Golf Travel Guru

Who? It’s run by Ed Schmidt Jr, a resident of sunny Florida,
What? Golf travel tips and info
And? A golf blog run by travellers for travellers (well, travelling golfers) – this great blog offers a guide on tonnes of great places to play golf, including great golf resorts all over the world. committed to finding the best golf courses on the planet – and blogging about them!

So there it is- our ultimate list of golf bloggers. Of course, we’re always finding excellent new blogs and would love to hear about any that you have come across. Share your tips on quality reading material in the comments below.

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