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Our Top 5 Golf Bloggers

September 30th, 2014

It’s important to ensure that you keep up to date with the world of golf, but you don’t always need to hit the main sports pages to get the facts.
These great golf bloggers give you exactly what you need to know with a touch of humour and their own personal insight into the sport. Pick up some great tips and read product reviews with honest feedback.

Here’s our top 5!

Golf State Of Mind

This blog gives you superb insight into the psychological aspects of the game of golf. It’s not all hitting balls on the green. Improving your focus, concentration and patience can really boost your performance on the fairway.

Golf Blogger

Golf Blogger is a UK based site, making it ideal for all the latest deals and regional information for our British fans. They are always bringing readers the latest news from the golfing world and global events.

Iain Carter

Iain carter is a correspondent for the BBC. He gives great analysis of the ongoing events and often adds his own expert opinion on the outcome and next stage for the golfers.

Armchair Golf Blog

This blog is written by Neil, an American who started his blog way back in 2005. He gives a great fan perspective of the world of golf and has even written his own novel named Draw In The Dunes about the legendary 1969 Ryder Cup.

The Golf News Net

A great blog with some visual content. Break out from in depth text articles and see the lighter side of the golf world. All the latest photos from tournaments and events are seen here.

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