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Improve Your Swing and Lower Your Handicap

April 29th, 2013

Golfers whether beginners or professionals are always on a constant mission to lower their handicap, for many people if you improve your golf swing, you can significantly reduce the number of shots it takes to reach the green and that’s what everyone is after.

However, you see this happening all of the time, too many golfers try too hard to hit the ball further sacrificing accuracy for distance overall.

Firstly start by getting yourself educated, get a few lessons off an instructor. Someone who has had some good experience will be able to give you good guidance. Then you may be able to borrow an instructional DVD and take a few notes on how to grip and perfect the swing of the club.

The most perfect place for practicing your moves and technique is at the driving range. You can also do it when you feel ready. First of all when you go you can work on your grip and perfect that. As we are all different there is no set grip for every golfer it’s really what you feel most comfortable with.

Then brush up on your stance as well, remember this is just important to golfing as the clubs and the grip are. Once you have tackled the grip and the posture then use the spare time at the driving range and things to work solely on your swing alone.

It’s best to really warm up first, start with a small, smooth swing to properly warm up your body use a wedge, concentrating solely on making the initial contact between the club and the ball and then work on this and don’t worry about how far the ball is going at the minute.

Then you can move onto the mid irons making sure that you keep the swing as smooth as possible and having a good solid contact with the ball. Once you are completely warmed up then you can move on to playing on some bigger areas, aim for distance e.g. the 50 yard area.

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