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How to prevent thieves stealing your golf equipment

September 12th, 2013

There is an increasing number of golf-related thefts occurring in and around the UK. Top of the range clubs are often being stolen to order, meaning hundreds of innocent golf enthusiasts are being targeted for their expensive equipment. The loss of your golf clubs can be a costly expense, with £70 million worth of golfing kit being stolen every year in Europe.

Here are our top tips to reduce your risk:

  • Choose a club with secure facilities to store your equipment whilst relaxing after your round on the fairway. Changing rooms and lockers are a prime target for thieves, so leaving entrances and gates unlocked or unattended can increase the change of criminals gaining access to your golf clubs.

  • Don’t leave your golfing bag unattended. This can be easier said than done whilst out on the course, but ensure at least one of your friends keeps an eye on the golf buggy or cluster your bags together. Another common opportunity for thieves is when golf bags are left by cars or other unsecure areas when golfers enjoy the facilities and hospitality when the game has finished.

  • Get to know the regulars at your club. Not only will this make it a friendlier atmosphere out on the green, but it means you can also keep a watch out for each other. If your kit bag is recognisable out on the fairway, other golfers can raise the alarm if a stranger approaches or tampers with your equipment if you are not close by.

  • There are various gadgets which can increase the security on your golf bag. The most popular device is the Pro Defender Series, which is a small alarm system disguised as a golf ball which stores discreetly away in your bag. This is linked to a small fob that the user carries on their person. The fob acts as a radio receiver for the signals transmitted, alerting the golfer to unauthorised movement of the golf bag. This prevents the most common form of the theft, where criminals are dressed casually in golf attire and simply walk away with unattended equipment bags.

  • Some golfers have gone to extreme lengths and customised their own equipment bags with hidden cameras, GPS tracking systems and alarms, allowing it to be tracked and traced if their bag is stolen.

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