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How to Keep Your Golf Clubs Clean

September 13th, 2013

If you are a budding golfer and want to know why you are falling short every now and again of getting the right hit. This is because of the dirt on the ball is stopping you from making the best shot you can.

This is a common task among golfers as it can reduce the spin, lowering the range when it is compared with a clean ball. Obviously this is something that golfers do not want to happen and an experienced competitive golfer will take the time both during his round at the course ball washers plus at home clean the balls that are going to be used that day.

There are a few steps to getting the best clean to your ball, the night or day before you are due to go onto the course you should make sure that you have enough suitably cleaned balls for the day and make sure that the last time you were on the course that you rinsed them off if they got particularly dirty.

Fill a bucket with warm water and some washing up liquid up to halfway. You should add enough dish-washing liquid so that the bubbles do not overflow the bucket. Then the cleaning starts.

Make sure that you get all of your golf balls in the bucket to be cleaned, let them soak for a decent time no longer than 5 mins. You can vary the times depending on the amount of dirt that is on them just so the paint doesn’t start to come off them. You shouldn’t stack the balls on top of each other because this won’t get an even soak all over.

Then you should take each ball individually out of the bucket and rub them a little bit with a soft cloth to get the remaining grit out of the grooves and other bits of dirt. You can even use a soft bristled toothbrush to get the best clean that is possible and this also helps to not damage the ball covering.

Then after you are satisfied that you have got all of the dirt off rise the golf ball with warm water and a dry towel. Repeat this process so that each ball is dry and clean and then inspect the coverings for grooves or any damage that may indicate wear and that you should change to a new ball.

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