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How to Clean Your Golf Clubs

April 29th, 2013

You may think that cleaning a set of golf clubs takes many hours, however cleaning a set of golf clubs requires very little time if you have steps to follow and the right cleaning solution. Debris free grooves and shiny polished irons can help towards you performing at your best.


Step 1 you need to mix the solution with hot water and put it into a bucket. Only needs to be the depth of the golf clubs head. Verify the water temperature and make sure that it is not too hot because it could damage the clubs head.

Step 2 Allow the iron club heads to soak for two minutes in the bucket, all the sand, dirt, chemicals and the oils should begin to separate themselves from the grooves in the club.

Step 3 Give your club some special care with cleaning woods. Never submerge the woods in water, instead dip a cloth in some warm water and gently run it over the heads of the woods. Brush the grooves as much as is needed and dry thoroughly when the cleaning is done.

Step 4 Scrub the heads of the golf club with a soft bristled brush to get the excess dirt out of the grooves.

Step 5 Flush the iron club heads with clean, warm water. Be watchful to not get the other club parts wet. Inspect each individual club to ensure the dirt is out of the grooves.

Step 6 Rub and polish the golf clubs. Confirm the cleanliness of the club head before you go any further. Then using a dry cloth rub the club head, ferule and shaft. Once fully dry appreciate how hard you have worked and how good they now feel.

Step 7 Wash the grips, repeat step one but use a cloth and rub the handle.

Step 8 Return golf clubs to the bag, confirm that the clubs are fully polished and dry to avoid damage from the water. You now have a fully clean set of golf clubs ready to work again even better!

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