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Can Golf Keep You Fit

September 20th, 2013

Many golfers are always healthy sometimes even more so than they would be playing another sport but different people take different things in different ways. So one person may be getting loads out of a sport but you may not feel it, it just takes a bit of time.

You can play a selection of nine or eighteen holes and the game can last for several hours or maybe even more. This is depending on if you manage to keep the ball on the green for long enough.

To gauge whether it is for you or not you will have to try it to find out. Golf requires skill and most of all patience. Keep some in reserve for when you hit the bunkers.

If you don’t feel like walking miles just yet you can brush up on your swing at the driving range and practice a few things before you go out on the green for a proper game. Be prepared to soak in the sun in other words take plenty of sun cream with you so that you don’t get burnt.

The benefit are that you get the fittest that you possibly can, as endurance is the key in golf you will eventually learn to pace yourself and maintain a steady speed so that you can get round the course without tiring yourself out in a short time.

So if you think about it when playing a full eighteen hole course of golf you will be walking all day and up to eight kilometres or more. This means that your strength will improve greatly because a golfing swing uses more muscles than many sports. It tones the main areas of your torso, upper and lower legs, sides of your abdomen, chest and shoulders not to mention your arms.

Golfing has its calming remedies as well as physical benefits as well, your mind will, as well as getting a challenge, be relaxed more than usual because you are out in the fresh air which is good for you and you are surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

So that is how you get a good workout from golf however now your wallet has to get a good workout you have to buy the correct equipment and a set of golf clubs will set you back £1,000 plus if you buy new ones you pick up second hand ones for about £500.


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