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Allerton Golf Course To Be Saved

January 14th, 2014

Allerton Golf Course located in Liverpool is a popular course loved by many so plans to sell it did not go down well. The course was to be sold off by the council so that housing could be built in its place. The plan was proposed as part of the council’s efforts to alleviate budget cuts it is facing due to government spending reductions.

It is now thought that the golf club could be saved as the council are currently discussing plans to hand it over to a private firm. This of course could mean an increase in prices for entry however campaigners are hopeful and pleased with the news.

The council however have assured users that although they will no longer have to subsidise for the golf course it will remain affordable. In order for the council to keep the course and make up their losses of £300,000 they would have to increase their prices dramatically.

The council are even talking about handing over another of their Liverpool golf courses for private ownership. Plans for the North Liverpool course in Kirkby are however still up for discussion.

It is still speculation on how the private companies plan to make the courses profitable once in their hands. Whether or not fees are to increase, we do not know yet, but one thing is for certain, the golf club will remain a ‘pay to play’ course rather than a member’s only course.

Before any final decision is made a report is to be presented to the council’s cabinet either next month or early in the New Year. One thing that is clear in all of this is that the survival of two popular courses can be saved allowing those who are fond of it to continue using it.

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