Find your nearest golf course or find clubs within your area in order to assess conditions and wait times.

Make the most of your golfing time with View My Fairway. Popular courses can often become crowded during busy periods, or be prone to adverse weather conditions. Avoiding these situations can benefit not only your game but your overall experience as well. It also means you will never have to make another wasted journey to a course that isn’t fit for play. Save the let down and disappointment of travelling a long distance to your favourite course only to abandon your round. Checking the situation on View My Fairway means you can guarantee a great game every time.

We have cameras linked up to a rapidly increasing number of golf courses around the country, allowing you to check on your favourite club and even a specific hole on the green! See how busy the course is on that day, in addition to weather and up to date wind speed data. This will allow you to get the best game possible and get ahead by avoiding the queues.

This is a great tool if you have a much-loved course that you visit regularly, but also works well for newcomers. If you are planning a trip or wish to visit some different courses where you are not as familiar with the green, using View My Fairway can give you a preview to the course and some vital information about the club.

Save time and money with our service, as well as discovering new and challenging courses to play. Planning your golf trip will never be the same again.

Our state of the art cameras can be fitted to monitor club houses, courses and even specific holes and greens. Plus, each camera offers quality far beyond standard CCTV.
If your golf club would like to join the ever growing list of registered My Fairway clubs and take advantage of our innovative technologies then get in touch today.
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